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Mingling from Above

Corporate/Professional Services

We are a black-owned and operated event photography and headshot company located in Richmond, VA. We take great pride in taking these portraits with great care because they are used for your brand image, marketing materials, and the first impression for your LinkedIn headshot profile or bio on your website. In addition, I take these portraits using professional-grade equipment and lighting. The headshots can be taken at your location, conference, or studio

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Company Headshots

Specialized headshots tailored for high-level executives, showcasing professionalism, leadership, and authority.


Corporate/Conference Headshots

Professional headshots intended for corporate use, often used on company websites, LinkedIn profiles, business cards, and marketing materials.


Professional Profile Headshots

Headshots optimized for professional networking sites like LinkedIn or other social media profiles, focusing on a polished, approachable appearance.


Team Headshots

Headshots that maintain a consistent style, background, and overall look to create a cohesive appearance when presented together as a team.


Brand Ambassador Headshots

Headshots that are specifically taken to showcase individuals who serve as representatives or promoters of a brand.


Actor/Entertainer Headshots

Headshots tailored for actors or actresses used in the entertainment industry, such as for auditions, casting calls, or promotional purposes.

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